Bjřrn Norvall Hoemsnes

Bjørn Norvall Hoemsnes
Bjørn Norvall Korsan Hoemsnes was born in Molde on the west coast of Norway and grew up in Oslo. He started to compose at an early age, and soon established an interest in transgressional music. Regardless of this, his compositions are inspired also by tradition and retrospect. He produces rhythmic popular music just as readily as classical, kitsch or experimental “ding dong” music. His tonality stretches all the way from A to Z, with a feeling of aesthetics always a prime focus. voxgarden is currently working on a project of Internet publication of Hoemsnes works in the name of his alter ego: norwalltino. Hoemsnes has published work on Aurora CD, the Norwegian Composers Union’s own label. Currently Hoemsnes is working full time at 'Kulturskolen' in Horten, Re and Stokke in Vestfold Fylke, Norway.
Neue Noten
Bosonix No.4
Klassische Musik / Instrumentalmusik
Bosonix No.3
Klassische Musik / Instrumentalmusik